Social Determinants of Health: Healthcare Access & Quality

We Can Change Healthcare for the Better. Let’s Discuss Healthcare Access & Quality.

Health Access & Quality is defined as the extent to which people have equitable, affordable and available access to needed healthcare services. This definition includes both physical accessibility and availability via financial means, transportation options, and other factors. It also includes the quality of care received after seeking care.

Unfortunately, there are many people within the United States who do not receive the care they need.² There are a number of reasons as to why lapses in necessary healthcare can happen. One reason can be due to a lack of health insurance coverage. Individuals without insurance coverage are less likely to receive care from a primary healthcare provider.³ In addition, a lack of insurance also may decrease the likelihood to afford healthcare or medication.

Another factor that may present a barrier to treatment is physical access. If individuals have no means of travel (either by the lack of a personal vehicle or public transportation), the ability to physically receive medical care in a facility is nonexistent.

While having physical access to care is vital, the quality of care provided also greatly determines the overall health of the patient. In addition to newer medications and therapeutics, preventative care is a vital treatment modality. With proper screening and other preventative practices, medical professionals can better treat the progression of illnesses before the severity increases.

In summary, Simply Connect’s Platform and Network is tackling some of the major barriers stunting Healthcare Access & Quality, such as transportation and efficiency modeling. To learn more about our transportation and our health efficiency exchange, contact us today.

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