How Nurses Care for Their Communities

During National Nurses Week, we’re thinking about what nurses really do, and how they impact our communities.

You are caregivers and comforters. You are cheerleaders for triumphs, and you lift people up at their lowest points. You show compassion, dedication, patience, and an endless capacity to care. You save lives. You put patients first, despite extraordinary circumstances. You translate information to frightened families, comfort nervous patients, and bring humanity back into healthcare. You are advocates, miracle-workers, and you serve your community in countless ways.

So much of what you do is beyond the scope of your job. At SimplyConnect we know intimately how much work is performed in a day by nurses. Saying thank you doesn’t feel like enough, but thank you, thank you, for all you do.

At SimplyConnect, it’s our mission to continue to support and enhance patient-centered care by reducing paperwork and using technology to increase efficiencies to help recruit and retain nurses on care teams. We’re committed to supporting and improving workflows so nurses can focus on their calling, not paperwork.

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