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We come to work each and everyday to create healthier patients and outcomes, to streamline communications, to improve efficiencies and to ease labor shortages. Ultimately, we aim to take the cost out of healthcare.

With SimplyConnect, you'll be able to:

  • Connect existing legacy systems
  • Receive real-time data with the ability to securely share reports with patients, families, and care teams
  • Submit real-time paperless requisitions and results to patient dashboards
  • Digitally store secure documents with e-sign capabilities
  • Respond to communications via voice, video, text and push-to-talk with native IOS and android.
  • Connect with patients or patients' (POA) power of attorneys to make informed decisions.
  • Easily schedule non-emergency medical transportation services and share details with family members and care teams.
  • Receive real-time ADT (admission/discharge/transfer) notifications
  • Provide 24/7 connectivity to patients, their loved ones, and care teams.

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