It’s time for legacy systems to start working together.

Problems Solved

At SimplyConnect, our comprehensive, system-wide approach to patient care simplifies the user and staff experience.

  • Workforce Shortages
  • Endless Paperwork
  • Workflow Inefficiencies
  • Siloed Organizations
  • Gaps in Services
  • Legacy Technology
  • Overmedication
  • Transportation
  • and more….

Go Paperless

You want less paperwork and more direct communication between care teams. We have a proven process that will save you countless hours while keeping the focus on improving the patient exprience.

At SimplyConnect, we can customize your solutions to offer more of the features you need and less of the ones you don't. Every administration is different, but one thing we can all agree on is the need for better interprofessional communication in healthcare.

Please reach out to learn more about how SimplyConnect can customize features in order to seamlessly integrate with your needs.

SimplyConnect Applications on Mobile Devices

Paperless Solutions

We help you manage administrative workflow for complex care communications.

Using our consent management features, your team will have secure, direct access to a patient's Power of Attorney, caregiver, and family, allowing them to make better care decisions with more confidence.

Holistic patient-centered care diagram

Staff Retention and Efficiency

We understand what care teams need: better communication, freedom from paperwork, and access to their patient's data on the go.

Our technology allows you to fill in the gaps between staffing shortages and ensure the right person is where they need to be. Your team will have access to seamless communication, using voice, video, text, or Push-to-Talk functionality.

That means no more phone, faxes, or paperwork to sift through.

Connected Care Teams

Simplified Communication Within Complex Care Teams

With SimplyConnect, you can equip and empower your care team to provide quality support and a better patient experience. Our digital solutions set teams up for success by helping them streamline the admissions paperwork and stay better aligned on the delivery of care and treatment.

Members of a care team checking the care of their client remotely
A medical document displayed on a tablet

Streamline Move-In Experience

Help residents make the transition into a new community with greater peace of mind.

Our platform allows residents to stay connected to their care teams, pharmacy, community, and family—right from their smartphones.

With 24/7 connectivity and access to their personal dashboard, patients and their families can feel confident knowing that they're receiving the best care possible.

66.5% of healthcare expenses is labor. Why not get more efficient? With SimplyConnect, you can!