Complexity, Simplified.


Making real-time communication secure, simple, and accessible.

NOTIFY Nurse Call

Less Zig-Zag. More Straight-Line Staffing.
ALF Alerts / day
SNF Alerts / day
Labor Cost

Eliminate labor inefficiencies with NOTIFY. Rather than darting through the building in response to each pendant or pull cord alert, care teams can utilize our digital platforms to efficiently connect and improve communication.

NOTIFY provides 24/7 connectivity through text, voice, or video, so care teams can stay connected and up-to-date.

Before notify
After notify
NOTIFY app for nurses and clinics
Holistic patient-centered care diagram

SimplyConnect Team Care Management

Connect the Dots and Improve Patient Experience

SimplyConnect is a HIPAA-compliant communications tool that seamlessly integrates with existing legacy systems.

By connecting to patient’s health records—from physicians, hospitals, payers, clinical pharmacists, specialists, and social work services—our care management system helps teams achieve paperless processes, improve staff efficiencies, and protect patient safety.

SimplyConnect Health Information Exchange

A fast, secure and simple way to share and obtain EHRs.

Our powerful Health Information Exchange (HIE) software is designed specifically to support healthcare organizations and improve provider/patient care communication. SimplyConnect creates a connected ecosystem that permits the sharing and obtaining of patient/residents’ Electronic Health Records (EHRs)—along the entire continuum of healthcare delivery.

  • Master Patient Index (MPI)
  • Continuity of Care Document Exchange
  • HIPAA-Secure Patient Scheduling
  • Actionable Alerts, Notes & Events
  • Docutrack Document/Text Integration
  • Paperless Care Team Communication
  • Real-Time ADT
SimplyConnect App Screens

SimplyConnect Paperless Healthcare

Eliminate duplicate communication between community care teams, providers, and pharmacies.

SimplyConnect allows you to create seamless workflows that foster easier healthcare collaboration. Care teams and caregivers can easily upload secure documents in real-time, store essential data, and sign paperwork electronically.