Solve Workforce Shortages by Caring for Your Team

Organizations are doing more with less, every day. In the past few years, every industry has been hit with workforce shortages and by 2021, nearly 1 in 5 healthcare workers had quit their jobs, citing long hours, low wages, and burnout. 

Preventing burnout and supporting your staff means creating efficiencies to lessen their daily zig-zag. This can look like:

  • Zoning buildings according to the frequency of pendant calls
  • Instant communications tools that work at the touch of a finger
  • Legacy technology systems that talk to one another
  • Paperless documentation that provides clarity and consistency
  • Technology that supports your staff for efficiency, accountability and recognition
  • Streamlined workloads to improve patient outcomes and strengthen trust with residents and families. 

At SimplyConnect, it’s our mission to support and enhance patient-centered care by reducing paperwork and increasing efficiencies to help recruit and retain caregivers. When caregivers can focus on their calling, not paperwork, everyone wins.

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