Complexity, Simplified.

Our Why

Our vision is a patient-centered approach to paperless healthcare. That means we implement a no paperwork, no phone, and no fax approach. With 20+ years of healthcare innovation at our fingertips, we are the trusted technology partner in healthcare integration solutions.

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A New Era of Integrated Healthcare Communication & Collaboration

Is your organization seeking a fully developed interoperability ecosystem? Why code from scratch when you can license a fully integrated approach from SimplyConnect. Branding rights are available for within aligned partnerships.
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If your organization is seeking to get started quickly, our technology enablement white label opportunity may be a fit for your organization. As we use our technology on a daily basis, licensing becomes an easier and hassle-free entry point to the marketplace. Please schedule a demo to learn more!

Leadership Team

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Craig Patnode

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VP and General Manager - Notify
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Director of Client Services
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Director of Operations - Notify
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Customer Support - Notify

Paperless Healthcare Solutions

By connecting to patient’s health records—from physicians, hospitals, payers, clinical pharmacists, specialists, and social work services—we help care teams achieve paperless processes, improve staff efficiencies, and protect patient safety.

Learn how our integrated solutions can help you lower costs, improve patient outcomes, and retain quality employees.