Social Determinants of Health: He who has health, has hope.

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The improvement and preservation of life is the foremost function of any healthcare-based institution. Whether operating in a clinical, administrative or ancillary capacity, each organization has an obligation to help nurture the health and wellness of the people.

While there are many dispositions of health that are outside the control of human action, there are noted factors within a society that can be altered for the betterment of the corresponding community. These factors are referred to as the Social Determinants of Health.

The Theory of the Social Determinants of Health proposes that there are socially constructed factors within a society that can either directly affect one’s health, or determine degrees of access to necessary treatment. These determinants are classified into five categories:

Upon examining the impact of each of these different social elements, it is apparent that the social determinants of health must be a focus for any health-based organization.

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”
– Thomas Carlyle

Simply Connect fully acknowledges and supports the principle of the Social Determinants of Health. Our platform was designed to level the playing field in healthcare and bridge the barriers preventing coordinated, holistic and functional care for all.

Real-time collaboration between healthcare providers and other organizations is paramount in providing high-quality, efficient care. Without adequate communication and collaboration, patients are at an increased risk of receiving compromised care.

Simply Connect’s Platform addresses the 5 Social Determinant of Health Pillars by solving the most difficult challenges in the Patient’s Journey:

  • Clean, up-to-date and fluid Patient Health Record
  • Real-time communication and collaboration between care teams and service providers
  • Access to the ‘payer appropriate’ clinics and healthcare providers
  • Access to community resources including food, shelter, education and more
  • Transportation Accessibility

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