Social Determinants of Health: Economic Stability

We Can Change Healthcare for the Better. A Discussion on Economic Stability.

Economic stability refers to the availability of finances, or the ability to acquire consistent and adequate employment. Many individuals who have steady employment are less likely than others to live in poverty.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to find and keep a job. People with physical limitations, injuries, or inhibiting medical conditions may be especially limited when trying to find and keep consistent employment.

Employment generally includes added benefits that promote one’s health, such as private health insurance, paid sick leave, parental leave and workman’s compensation in case of a work-related injury.

However, with restricted employment and finances available, it can be more difficult for individuals to meet their health needs. Many families in poverty are not able to afford healthier foods, hygienic or safer living conditions, and are more likely to be subject to more heightened levels of stress.

These factors combined present increased risk factors for developing other health issues and further reducing quality of life. The most prevalent health issues found in communities under poverty include: depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, infection, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and more.

In summary, Simply Connect’s Platform and Network has tackled some of the major barriers stunting Economic Stability, such as showcasing affordable housing in Simply Connect’s marketplace. The major barriers include:

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