SimplyConnect Welcomes Aaron Grunke as Executive Vice President of Sales

SimplyConnect, the patient-centered paperless healthcare exchange, expands to Tennessee and has named Aaron Grunke the Executive Vice President of Sales. Founder and CEO Craig Patnode announced the expansion to the Southeast region as timely with the healthcare workforce shortage and the high demands on care teams for quality patient care.

Grunke’s background in healthcare sales and business development gives him firsthand knowledge of healthcare technology fragmentation. “I’ve seen the roadblocks that occur for even the most basic of tasks,” Grunke said. “There are many technology integrations out there, but SimplyConnect is a truly paperless solution that works in real-time. It’s unprecedented. I’m excited to join a team that is solving healthcare bottlenecks. It sounds like such a bland thing on the surface, until you’re the patient waiting hours or days to receive healthcare information. Until you’re the family left wondering if your loved ones are receiving optimal care or the healthcare professional waiting for the fax machine to deliver the orders. SimplyConnect is the solution.”

“Aaron Grunke brings the understanding of what truly paperless healthcare can achieve,” reports Craig Patnode, founder and CEO of SimplyConnect. “His passion for putting the patient first and his expertise in the business of healthcare made him a natural addition to the team.” Grunke will lead SimplyConnect’s paperless healthcare division and manage partnerships in the southern area with a focus on Tennessee.

SimplyConnect drew on their 20+ years of healthcare technology innovation to develop patient-centered paperless healthcare software solution that empowers patients, families and care teams with real-time HIPAA-secure data. NOTIFY, is the nation’s most trusted alert system in senior care and has partnered with SimplyConnect to break down technology barriers and seamlessly connect siloed healthcare providers and vendors.

Patnode’s vision of the future of healthcare with SimplyConnect is clear. “True interoperability means we can all do better and benefit from paperless and integrated care. When barriers to optimal healthcare are removed, everyone wins. It’s better for patients and their families, for healthcare providers, payers, and for healthcare organizations.”

The paperless integrated healthcare model of SimplyConnect is a natural fit for Grunke, who believes in a person-first model of healthcare. In addition to his business background, Grunke is the founder of a non-profit organization dedicated to post-treatment care for cancer survivors and believes that the ability to help people with their healthcare journey, no matter which stage they’re in, is critical.


SimplyConnect is an innovative healthcare technology company with over 20+ years of experience. Craig Patnode, founder and CEO of SimplyConnect, drives his company with a clear mission of creating simplicity out of complexity for patient-centered paperless integrated healthcare. Patnode is the founder and former CEO of both SterilMed and Eldermark, where he invented solutions that broke down barriers to high-quality healthcare in senior living and long-term care facilities nationwide. He also founded NOTIFY nurse call and alert system that uses state-of-the-art technology to streamline communications and care management accessible to care teams, patients and their families.

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