SimplyConnect Unveils New iOS and Android App

SimplyConnect announced the new release of its care team communications and collaborations app in the Apple iOS and Google Play store.

SimplyConnect is a HIPAA-compliant, real-time communication, and collaboration platform for care providers. This technology bridges the communication gaps between pharmacies, communities, and care providers by facilitating secure texting, collaboration, and documentation sharing.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to put our powerful technology into the palm of your hand in order to make the utilization of this revolutionary software platform as easy and accessible as possible,” said SimplyConnect CEO Craig Patnode. “We know that, across the healthcare spectrum, caregivers, pharmacists, residents and communities are mobile and on-the-go, and our new app bridges the communication gaps, ushering a new era of collaboration and care.”

To learn more about how SimplyConnect can serve you and your community, visit or call (844) 666-3038.

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