Secure, Real-time Communications for
Care Providers

What is Simply Connect?

Simply Connect is a HIPAA-compliant, real-time communication and collaboration platform for care providers. This technology bridges the communication gaps between pharmacies, communities, and care providers by facilitating secure texting and documentation sharing.

The Impact of Connectivity

Streamline care through real-time, collaborative, and coordinated care

Real-time texting between pharmacy, communities, and service providers

Communicate seamlessly from anywhere, at anytime

Interfaces with the majority of pharmacy operating systems

Upload secure documents, enabling real-time collaboration

Connectivity and Care Go Hand-in-Hand

Creating Happier Care Teams and Residents

Talk and Text

Simplifies care team and provider communications

A Connected Pharmacy

Medication management
the way it should be


Streamlines workflows and staff efficiency

Resident & Patient Satisfaction

Better care equals better outcomes

A Connected Care Team is a Better Care Team

It’s really that simple

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