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The World Of Healthcare is Disconnected

We have more patient information and data available at our fingertips than ever before and, yet, technologies, apps, and software remain completely disjointed and lack real, meaningful integration. This valued, essential and vital patient data and patient information remains in siloed systems that don’t talk to one another and are not easily accessible.

The Impact of Being Disconnected

This negatively impacts the patient's journey and creates dysfunction and inefficiencies along the healthcare chain. Today, care management is a disjointed puzzle that lacks connectivity. We have become an inter-connected society with information and resources available at the touch of a screen. Isn’t it time that care management followed suit?

Bridging Heatlhcare Management Gaps

The Simply Connect Health Exchange is a one-stop technology solution that bridges existing gaps in care management to create seamless, real-time collaborative care. It enhances the patient journey by connecting vital resources in order that to enhance quality of life measures including transportation, behavioral health, community, food banks, housing services, and more.

We Don't Imagine the Possibilities, We Create Them

  • Pharmacies collaborating with care teams, improving medication administration and on-time deliveries.
  • Care teams communicating from anywhere — at any time — and seamlessly relaying patient information and communications.
  • Families, residents, and patients accessing care information and communicating.
  • Individuals having access to healthcare transportation, behavioral health, community resources, food banks, housing and more.

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