Connected Care Teams Provide Better Care

Real-time care team communications, document repository, e-sign and more. Watch Simply Connect in action.

Secure Communications and
Actionable Alerts

Simply Connect is a secure, HIPAA-compliant communication platform. It improves communications between care teams, pharmacies and care providers. This platform enhances workflows, saves time, and eliminates frustration.

The Impact of Connectivity

Real-time texting between care teams, pharmacies and service providers

Communicate anytime or anywhere, your location doesn’t have to hold you back

Minimizes paper, phone,
and fax communications, enhancing efficiency

Integrates with community software, including eMARs and EHRs

Real-time coordination and collaboration can improve resident and patient care outcomes

Upload secure documents in real-time and review archived messages

We Value Our Care Teams and Communities


Set Your Team Apart

Build a competitive advantage through your ability to coordinate real-time care and collaboration for your residents.

Improve Workflow & Efficiencies

Efficiently modernize communications, reduce redundancies, and streamline workflows

Secure, Real-time Communications

Solves the difficulties of ineffective communication between care teams, pharmacies, and other providers

Minimize Duplication of Work

Eliminates duplicate and manual communications, via fax, phone, and paper, from internal and external care teams

Integration & Optimization

Communities can use Simply Connect in conjunction with their chosen eMAR, EHR, or paper charts

Connecting the Healthcare Ecosystem

Real-time connections between care providers and community resources including behavioral health, addiction, food, transportation, housing, and more.

A Connected Care Team is a Better Care Team

It’s really that simple

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